Techteams workshops will be held weekly during the Fall semester on Wednesday from 2:30 – 3:30 pm in room 2750.

For more information please email Paulina at

Techteams Schedule for Fall 2015

Sept 2 Day of Welcome!!!
1 Sept 9 Meet & Greet
IAT One Social
A fun get together with free food, challenges and prizes. Meet other IAT One students in your first year classes in a relaxed setting. It’ll be a lot of fun and you sure don’t want to miss out!
2 Sept 16 How to get involved
Guest speakers: IATSU, Student Life, SFSS, Co-op, SIAT Social Media
Want to learn about on how you can get involved with the SFU and SIAT community? Learn about the amazing volunteer opportunities with IATSU, Student Life, Simon Fraser Student Society and upcoming SIAT events!
3 Sept 23 Your First Year in SIAT! What will it look like? What are some tips?
Guest Speakers: Second Year IAT Students
Want to learn more about what your first year will be like? Second year IAT students will share with you some of their completed projects, first year stories and top tips that will help you be successful in your first year in IAT!
4 Sept 30 Your Senior years in SIAT: the gateway to the world! concentrations, field study, exchange, co-op opportunities, project examples.
Want to find out more about the SIAT concentrations? Come and learn about what makes this concentration unique, see some examples of student projects and find out the opportunities within this concentration’s job market.
5 October 7 Plan your second semester courses
Come learn about how to plan out your second semester in SIAT, how to understand the pre-requisite map and the SIAT Program Checklist
6 October 14 First Year and Beyond! Do you have questions about what to take for your Second Semester? Second Year? WQB? Electives, BA or BSc, Concentrations, Enrollment, the SIAT Program Course Checklist? This is Techteams session will answer all those questions and more! Your SIAT Advisors will be at your session to help guide you through the strenuous process of degree planning and to inform you about the most commonly asked questions during enrollment time.
7 October 21 Co-op and Career Services workshop Come learn more about Co-op and Career Services: how to register, what you will need to prepare before your first co-op term, and all the opportunities that awaits you.
8 October 28 Open Session: Midterm week Since most of you will be hard at work studying and working on your midterm projects/tests, this will be an open session. Paulina your first year advisor will be in the room to answer any questions you may have. There will still be snacks.
9 November 4 Plan out your Future! Are you interested in doing a joint major or minor? – FCAT and Business Advisors, Co-op Registration will be starting soon and this means you should start planning out your spring semester! If you are interested in joint majors with business or communication, a minor in publishing, or the contemporary arts program, or co-op this is going to be the perfect workshop for you! The advisors from each of these programs are going to be here to answer any questions you may have and to inform you about their programs.
10 November 11 Remembrance Day No Techteams session.
11 November 18 Decision Making As you all very much know that in IAT you’ll be doing lots of group projects and will have to work with a variety of people. This workshop will help you learn the practice of coming up with innovative ideas and how to make the hard decisions.
12 November 25 GAMES DAY It’s the last week before final classes and the last Techteams session to rack up your all of your points! This week is all about relaxing and having fun with your fellow SIAT students before the chaos of final projects and final exams kick in.
13 December 2 FIRST SEMESTER COMPLETED – LEVEL UP! YOU DID IT!!! You finished your first semester in SIAT and SFU! This deserves a celebration and free pizza! There will be games, snacks, drinks and did we already mention free pizza?



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